17 March 2010


Chad has spent the last two days running around in preparation for our "project". The result of said project was putting a bid on a piece of property on which we hope to build our future home. A financial risk, yes, but one we've decided to take.

So now, we wait.

And dream.

Meanwhile, the boys are down from their nap and *hopefully* will be sleeping soon, and Chad is (hopefully) busy at work. He started his new shift today, working 5am-5pm on a schedule so bizarre only his current employer could possibly dream it up. As this was Chad's previous schedule before being moved to 8hr 2nd shift, it's really nothing new. I am just thankful that he was not moved to night shift which, up until recently, was a strong possibility. It was the major source of stress I mentioned in this post. He works every other weekend but I have him all to myself every night, for which I am thankful.

BTW, did you know that food tastes better when consumed on tall bar stools? :-)


  1. Hey thanks for the thoughts on hanging the diapers w/o pins. I definitely already do that if I'm running out of pins. I think I have an unhealthy relationship with clothes pins though. I really like to use them. Haha. Not sure why!

  2. Such cute pictures! Aidan looks so grown up now!