29 August 2011

Look Mom! No Training Wheels!

This is what pure joy looks like to a 3 year old...

It took him less than 20 minutes to learn how to do this.


And thank you to Strider Sports for making a bike that so effectively taught my son good balance on a bike. We bought Aidan's Strider bike in May of last year, and I highly recommend them.

14 August 2011

Terrible 3s and Laundry Baskets (v4)

Aidan was never a "terrible" two year old. For him, he was most challenging from about 14-20 months. Back then, all he wanted to do was GO! GO! GO! and, with limited vocabulary, he was often described as a completely irrational little devil by his otherwise doting and loving parents - who, really, were just trying to keep him safe before he got himself killed or further maimed. Did I mention we had THREE trips to the ER during that time for stitches on his face? Enough said.

After that, his vocabulary picked up and he turned into an even-spirited, cooperative child who was really a joy to be around. I waited with baited breath for the "terrible twos" to begin, but they never came. Instead, I found myself raising a well spoken, miniature human who was easily reasoned with and generally happy to please. As I take my rosey-colored glasses off, I admit he wasn't "always" an angel...but for the most part, we sailed threw the past year - and I loved it. Best yet, I was aware that I was loving it.

And then he turned 3.

And, dear God, deliver me from this argumentative, pouty, if I ain't happy, then ain't nobody happy attitude. Who does he think he is? A teenager? Sorry buddy, but you need another decade on your shoulders to earn the right to torment me thus. I don't know what I need to do to get through to him, but I just hope he realizes that agreeableness will get him so much further than pitching fits before...before...before...oh, who am I kidding? I love my little man.

I just wish he'd stop fighting me at seemingly every turn. I know I'll look back on this time with a smile, but in the meantime, I need to find a new behavior modifier that works. I feel awfully silly arguing with a three year old.

More patience wouldn't be amiss, either. Yeah, lots of that, please.

And finally, as it is August, I give you our yearly Laundry Basket photo.

August 2011

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03 August 2011

Hair Progress

My last real hair cut was in December 2008, and I've been growing it every since. The last time I had really long hair was in the 6th grade. Back then, I was capable of little more than a pony tail, so when I decided to grow my hair this time, I vowed to learn to do more with it. My biggest triumph thus far as been learning how to French braid my own hair. Enjoy the progress!