26 December 2012

Kid Portraits

All the Bowman Grand Kids! 
Alan Robert & Aidan Ryan - 4yrs
Clara Jean - 2yrs
Elsie Marie - 2 days

24 December 2012

Welcome Elsie Marie

Welcome to the world, little niece! Born today at 12:50pm weighing 7lb 9oz and 20" long.

What a wonderful Christmas present!

Happy Christmas!

From our family to yours, we hope you have a happy and safe Christmas. 

23 December 2012

Winter Silliness

This is how we roll over at our house when the mercury drops. Apparently, Aidan has inherited my love of playing with water. I remember, quite vividly, being chastised as a young girl for playing in the sink and making a mess with the water. Of course, by my recollection, I never actually made a mess. Funny how selective memories can be ;-).

The kitties also make an appearance in this video. Can you tell it's just about dinner time?

15 December 2012

Clara's Kitty Cake

Belated, I know, but I finally got the photo of Clara's Kitty Cake off my camera. This was a butter yellow recipe dyed pink at Aidan's insistence. I used a few cupcakes and two 4in round springform pans. The eyes are chocolate chips, and the little round circles are sprinkle dots, because for some reason all the kids love them. The frosting is my own creation:
8oz cream cheese
1/2c powdered sugar
Beat until smooth, then add coconut flakes "until it looks right" or until desired consistency. I have no idea how much went in there, only that it was less than a whole bag :-).

Happy 2nd Birthday, Clara Jean!

14 December 2012

Hug your Babies Tightly

Everyone was so quick to place blame today. Instead, I just gave my baby some extra hugs and cuddle time. We baked cupcakes, read lots of books, and drew pictures. While I was working on my niece's birthday cake, Aidan drew me a picture, and even wrote my name on it (MOM).

My heart melts for the sweetness that is my son. It bleeds for all those moms and dads who'll never again have the chance to hold their precious children.

Off to bed to snuggle with my boy, who's not so little anymore!

11 December 2012

Custom Confections

One of my favorite activities is baking unique and interesting treats for friends and family. I've never had any special training, but they (usually) come out well. I tell people that, if they want a professional cake, go buy one. If they want a cake they can pass off as their own, homemade, then ask me to make it :-). I guess I have confections on my mind today because, this week, I get to make one for my niece's second birthday. I'm actually making two creations for the party, and neither of them are anything I've ever really done. So, it should be exciting!  

In the meantime, enjoy the following photos of my various creations to date. In no particular order...

 Train Cake: Aidan's First Birthday

 Marzipam: Alan's 2nd Birthday
 Marzipam Figurines & Vanilla Cake: Alan's First Birthday

 Chocolate Cheesecake & Marzipam: Aidan's Baptism Cake

 Easter Cake & Marzipam Figurines

 Easter Cake Surprise!

 Marzipam Panda

Marzipam Penguin

 Marzipam Puppy

 Marzipam Tiger

 Orange Pumpkin: Halloween Treat

 Mother's Day Rainbow Cake & Marzipam Roses

 Pirate Cake: Aidan's 2nd Birthday

 German Chocolate Cake: for Tom & Luke

 Unicorn Poop Cookies

 Marzipam Rose

 My First Marble Cheesecake

 First Double Layered Chocolate Cheesecake - Oreo Crust

 White Cake covered in Marzipam: Clara's First Birthday

Surprise Cake: Alan's 4th Birthday

If you're curious how I did any of these, feel free to send me an email or comment on this post. In some cases, I even have step-by-step photos of how I made the cakes.