30 August 2012

Chad & Aidan's Supper

They came up with this all on their own...

29 August 2012

MN State Fair

For some reason, I decided to take Aidan to the MN State Fair on one of the hottest days of the summer. I incorrectly assumed that, because it was Wednesday, the fair wouldn't be as crowded. Apparently over 100,000 people visit the fair *every day* so there are no uncrowded days. Oops.

Anyways, Aidan's opinion of the fair increased exponentially upon discovering that the fairgrounds were full of tractors, lawn mowers, and all manner of farm equipment. Also, pretty much any food could be had upon a stick...which in Aidan's mind is the best way. We failed, however, to find alligator on a stick. We DID manage to obtain a bucket of cookies and all you could drink milk, plus this really neat spiral potato thingy that was fabulous. It was available on its own or surrounding a giant hot dog. People had one of two reactions upon seeing me eat it. 1. Where did you get THAT? or 2. OMG aren't those awesome?

Yes, they are!

Aidan and I also enjoyed visiting all of the animals, though many of them looked obviously stressed from all the heat + grabby people trying to pet them. But by far the biggest shocker was what greeted me outside the Poultry Barn.

This amused me enough to photograph (because I'm that immature). He was at the entrance to the Poultry Barn and obviously very proud to be a Champion Cock (insert snicker here).

And THIS is what you see as you walk out of the Poultry Barn. 
"Turkey To Go: the tastiest bird in town."

20 August 2012


Now that the show is officially over, I feel comfortable posting the videos I took from the tech rehearsal. I ran the spotlights for the majority of the matinees, and had a GREAT time. Everyone did a fabulous job, and I'm very proud to be a part of such an awesome organization.

7 Man Pyramid on High Wire

Spanish Web (always a favorite)

Russian Swing & Russian Bar Part 1

Russian Swing & Russian Bar Part 2

Some of the most impressive acts of the show, in my opinion, were the straps and hand balance routines. I wasn't able to get videos of straps or 2-man hand balance (since I was actively running the spotlight), but we were mostly idle during 4-man hand balance, so I was able to record it. This was from the final matinee on Sunday, August 19th.

Life what you see? You've one last chance to see Showdown!

Go to http://www.circusjuventas.org/15/index.php/performances/gala for more information

16 August 2012

My Two Favorite Boys

So happy to be together after weeks of work without a day off. 

12 August 2012

Laundry Basket, Take 5!

August 2012

Some things never get old. 

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