24 November 2009

Making Muffins

I'm not sure what possessed me to invite Aidan to help me make muffins, but it was definitely a whole lot of fun! He didn't entirely *get* what was going on, but enjoyed himself nonetheless. I even let him *help* me wash dishes, which of course resulted in a small lake forming below my sink.

Can you believe he's not even 17 months old yet?! I swear he grew several inches over last weekend while I was recovering. These will be great photos if he ever becomes a world-class chef.

In other news, we have our 7th tooth now, bottom right-side, next to the two he already has. So far he's getting them in exactly the same order as Alan...just much, much later.

20 November 2009

After surgery

I am home and recovering with Chad while Aidan stays one more night with Grandma. Assuming I'm feeling ok and stop peeing acid every 20 minutes, we'll probably go pick him up tomorrow. I'm still having a bit of flank pain so I'm hoping this doesn't mean the surgery didn't take...

This is the 6th time I've been under general anesthesia in my lifetime and the third time in less than 18 months. I do hope this doesn't become a habit.

In the meantime, since I'm still awake, here are some photos from the last month

Outdoor cat pens are quite useful for sunning out diapers.

Embrace the rainbow

Still riding rear-facing in his new Radian 65SL.

18 November 2009


Candles and hot, gas furnaces are not fast friends. Storing combustibles beside gas furnaces is not advisable.

I'm thankful my house hasn't exploded...

13 November 2009

Surgery is a go!

I am scheduled for surgery this coming Friday at Mayo. The doctor believes it is in my best interest to repair my reflux (take THAT MetroUrology), and gave me two options:
1. a tried-and-true invastive procedure that would involve excizing my c-section scar, removing the tube that connects the kidney to the bladder, and then reimplanting it in a better location
2. A non-invasive procedure called deflux that basically just inserts a polymer into the tube to make the inside diameter smaller. It is a newer procedure (the last decade or so).

Apparently, the pressure in the bladder is greatest at just the moment you begin to void. In most people, that pressure collapses the tube and thus prevents urine from backing up into the kidneys. If the tube is in the wrong place or too large, the tube doesn't collapse and urine backs up into the kidney (reflux).

Since most of these surgeries are done only in children there isn't a whole lot of data on the outcome in adults, but both work well in children. The doctor suggested I choose the less invasive option so that is what I am going to do. My appointment is for Friday! I am so excited to have found a doctor willing to treat me!

12 November 2009

At Mayo Clinic Rochester...

...done with tests and awaiting my consult tomorrow morning. The VCUG didn't go so well, so I really hope they got the info they needed. I swear if there was ever a test meant more to torment than to diagnose...without going into much detail, let us say that I had a bit of a problem...performing for the camera...

At least Chad and Aidan are having a FANTASTIC time at the MOST AWESOME pool here at the hotel. It's nice to get away from home now and again. Considering I'm probably going to be paying for this entire trip out of pocket (damn insurance) at least the boys got a holiday out of the deal.

BTW, I think Mayo Clinic is improperly named. Perhaps Mayo Universe. Seriously, this place is huge...I swear it takes up half the city!

Best part: the "Quiet Room". I had time in-between tests and took a pleasently long nap in a reasonably comfortable recliner. Oh bless them...