13 November 2009

Surgery is a go!

I am scheduled for surgery this coming Friday at Mayo. The doctor believes it is in my best interest to repair my reflux (take THAT MetroUrology), and gave me two options:
1. a tried-and-true invastive procedure that would involve excizing my c-section scar, removing the tube that connects the kidney to the bladder, and then reimplanting it in a better location
2. A non-invasive procedure called deflux that basically just inserts a polymer into the tube to make the inside diameter smaller. It is a newer procedure (the last decade or so).

Apparently, the pressure in the bladder is greatest at just the moment you begin to void. In most people, that pressure collapses the tube and thus prevents urine from backing up into the kidneys. If the tube is in the wrong place or too large, the tube doesn't collapse and urine backs up into the kidney (reflux).

Since most of these surgeries are done only in children there isn't a whole lot of data on the outcome in adults, but both work well in children. The doctor suggested I choose the less invasive option so that is what I am going to do. My appointment is for Friday! I am so excited to have found a doctor willing to treat me!

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