11 December 2012

Custom Confections

One of my favorite activities is baking unique and interesting treats for friends and family. I've never had any special training, but they (usually) come out well. I tell people that, if they want a professional cake, go buy one. If they want a cake they can pass off as their own, homemade, then ask me to make it :-). I guess I have confections on my mind today because, this week, I get to make one for my niece's second birthday. I'm actually making two creations for the party, and neither of them are anything I've ever really done. So, it should be exciting!  

In the meantime, enjoy the following photos of my various creations to date. In no particular order...

 Train Cake: Aidan's First Birthday

 Marzipam: Alan's 2nd Birthday
 Marzipam Figurines & Vanilla Cake: Alan's First Birthday

 Chocolate Cheesecake & Marzipam: Aidan's Baptism Cake

 Easter Cake & Marzipam Figurines

 Easter Cake Surprise!

 Marzipam Panda

Marzipam Penguin

 Marzipam Puppy

 Marzipam Tiger

 Orange Pumpkin: Halloween Treat

 Mother's Day Rainbow Cake & Marzipam Roses

 Pirate Cake: Aidan's 2nd Birthday

 German Chocolate Cake: for Tom & Luke

 Unicorn Poop Cookies

 Marzipam Rose

 My First Marble Cheesecake

 First Double Layered Chocolate Cheesecake - Oreo Crust

 White Cake covered in Marzipam: Clara's First Birthday

Surprise Cake: Alan's 4th Birthday

If you're curious how I did any of these, feel free to send me an email or comment on this post. In some cases, I even have step-by-step photos of how I made the cakes. 

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