22 January 2010


Old PackNPlay disposed of, brand-new PackNPlay acquired, and all is well! Aidan is back to being a sweetheart (though, molars have a long way to go yet), and Alan seems to have forgotten the incident (or, has forgiven me for it).

Now my biggest stress is Chad's work, which is messing with his schedule AGAIN, which may force us into one of those choices between what is "right" and what is "easy". But that is a story for another day once I have all the information. In the meantime, I could use some well wishes sent our way.

And finally, because life isn't all bad, I will leave you with a cute Aidan photo from this evening, right before I had to wake him from his nap (at 5:40pm).

Maybe this is why he sometimes spends 2 hours playing in his crib at bedtime before going to sleep? For once he's not clutching his beloved measuring cup :).

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