28 March 2010

Athena and Aidan, out for a walk

The word I probably hear the most often these days is "au-shide?" which in Aidan-speak means "outside," or "Can I pretty please go outside right this minute even though I was already out twice today and I really love to be outside. Outside? Outside!" My response is usually to ask him to get his socks (cocks), shoes (shhhooooos), hat (-at), and jacket (he has a really bizarre word for jacket I won't even begin to try to spell out). Yesterday he got a little ahead of himself. He thought he was ready when I took this picture:

What was impressive is he that got his hat on all by himself and without me having to ask him to put it on. Unfortunately (for him) he was still missing some things. Amazingly, he is extremely helpful getting dressed for outside playtime. I wonder why? In no time, we were off!

Ok, now we're rolling! Athena is a happy kitty because she gets to come, too! Aidan is very pleased to be holding the leash all by himself. He was so good, he didn't drop it once!

The pair even posed for a quick picture...

...before running off to find adventure!

Athena is Queen of the neighborhood. She made her rounds, ate lots of dried grass, rolled in the dirt, and helped teach Aidan how to let HER walk HIM. Much happiness, amusement, and fresh air was enjoyed by all. When we finally went inside about an hour later, Aidan begins his chant:

"Hot cocoa? Cocoa cocoa hot cocoa?

Of course he can say THAT clear as day.

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