18 March 2010


The waiting is over, and our offer was accepted! We close in late April, which is just fine: I'm not really in a hurry to own the lot, since it'll be 3-4 years before I get to build on it. In the meantime, it's time to dream about house plans and about all the lovely trees I shall plant on my 2.2 acres. Have a favorite type of tree or shrub? Do share! Just keep in mind that it must be hardy to zone 3 and like at least partial shade. I'll have to take a drive to see just how much sun the area gets with all the hills and trees surrounding it. Thus far every time we've visited the lot it's been dreary.

Happy Happy JOY JOY!!!!


  1. Exciting news for you. And great news for boys -- room to run and climb!

    I have four sons, and yes, they agree that food does taste better consumed on tall stools!

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