12 January 2012

New directions!

After dropping off my son at preschool this morning, I did not, as was my custom, rush back to work. For the first time since I graduated from college (actually, even before then), I do not have a job outside my home. I am so excited to report that I am now a work-from-home mom!

I now work for a vacation rentals management company an old friend of mine started. I work the night shift - from 9-midnight - answering inquires via phone or e-mail (all through my lap top), creating advertising, welcome binders, and all manner of other odd jobs. I love it. My son is already sleeping, my husband is usually at work, so it gives me something to do with my time. Each time someone calls about a home, or I'm updating an advertisement for a home, I can imagine myself right there.

Having not had the opportunity to travel nearly as much in the last several years as I was previously accustomed, it's a way for me to get away without leaving my house.

But more importantly, it gives us the opportunity to be together more as a family. We are less stressed and happier, for which I am very grateful. 

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