21 January 2012

Circus Juventas Updates

Now that Aidan has been taking classes at Circus Juventas in St. Paul for a year, I thought I'd post some updates on his progress. He LOVES going to class and is getting bolder and much more willing to try new things. He's also much stronger and has much better balance than when he first started.

Here is a video of a recent go on the trampoline - he's really perfecting "stick it!"


And, some photos!

Aidan is perfecting his bear walk during warm-up.

The tumble track is always a big hit.

Lately, so has the silks!

As we head off from circus class to our weekly trip to Coldstone, Aidan shows off his wild hair (and new car seat - thanks Auntie Lola!).

Fridays are awesome!

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