30 March 2011

"Ohh, you like it! It's tasty!"

I wish I could share with you some photos of today - or a video - but I can't. Today was one of those days when I was living so much in the moment, that I didn't have time to capture it on film. It was also the sort of day that will forever stick in my memory, such was the fun we had today.

We've had a lot of birthdays this month, so I guess it has been on the boys' minds. After all, who wouldn't want an excuse to eat cake and ice cream, and open presents?

So today, seemingly out of the blue, Aidan and Alan decided to develop a new game. They called it, "Birthday." Well, perhaps "decide" isn't the right word, since I have no idea how this all started. All I know is they were really quiet for quite a while, and then all of a sudden came running to offer me birthday cake.

The boys, with no input from myself, made a birthday cake out of a small ball, a roll of duct tape, and a bunch of magnetic toys called Magformers. They then raided the silverware drawer for spoons and forks, and proceeded to serve "cake" to each other, and then to me, for over an hour. The Magformers served as the slices of cake, which they shared eagerly, and insisted that I use both a spoon and a fork to eat. However, the center of the cake (the ball inside the roll of duct tape) was apparently sacred; I received quite a scolding for attempting to eat it :). As Alan's mom and dad arrived home, I asked the boys to show off their cake. Oh! What delighted squeals as they rushed to show off their game!

While the boys have always had (often elaborate) games involving running, fencing, and wrestling, this is the first time I've noticed them develop truly cooperative game, with no outside help, that didn't involve physical play. I didn't detect the slightest bit of bickering, either. An hour of cooperative play, without fighting, for a three year old and a not-quite-three year old? Amazing!

But then again, as a devoted Mama and doting Auntie, I always think they're amazing.

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