11 March 2011

Census Meme & Suicidal Turkeys

Census in the states happened long ago, but Marina inspired me to write this post, since I never bothered last year.

In March 2011, I am...27, happily married to a good man, with one living son, age 2.5, and two daughters not meant for this earth. I have four kitties, and live in a townhouse. We spend most of our free time designing the house we will build on our 2 acre plot of land. I play often with my son, when I'm not working part time for a dentist. Every Wednesday, I spend the day with my niece and nephew. I am badly out-numbered, but it is always exciting! My husband works nights, and he'll only be home 4 full days this month (plus another 4 half-days), so I am very lonely.

In March 2001, I was...17, and a senior in high school. I was accepted early decision to NYU and was enjoying my final weeks before graduation. I had just finished the winter musical. I spent almost two weeks this month in Spain with friends and teachers from school. I spent most of my spare time going out on adventures with my current boyfriend. I remember feeling free and happy.

In March 1991, I was...7, and living in a small house in urban NJ along with my parents, grandmother, and older brother. I attended a Catholic school, and didn't have many friends. My dog, Tara, was my best friend. My parents fought a lot, and I spent most of my time daydreaming or playing with toys in my room, alone. But, I don't remember being lonely.

In March 1981, I was...not born yet! But, my husband was about nine months old and just starting to walk so he could chase his older brother around :).


Suicidal Turkeys

These turkeys tried very hard to make me hit them with my car. Either that, or they were trying to land me in the ditch. They are lucky they didn't end up in my in-law's deep freezer.

Mel: 1, Idiot birds: 0.

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