05 March 2011

Happy Birthday, Alan! (and Laura, Tom, & Roger)

Since Chad will be working all but 4 days this month, we decided to have an early celebration for all the March birthdays. The star, of course, was my nephew Alan, who will turn 3 on the 13th!

Mmm...that looks tasty.

I made TWO ice cream cakes from scratch. Vanilla strawberry cheesecake and my own Rocky Road mixture (chocolate, vanilla, fudge, chocolate chips, marshmallows, chocolate cheesecake, and walnuts). I learned that whipped cream doesn't make a great frosting...will have to think of something else next time. Oh well!

Make a wish, little man!

If you fall asleep at your own birthday party, we will cover you in balloons and take your picture.

Luke joins in the fun.

We played some cards.

Alan enjoyed playing with his new toys with Mom & Dad.

Kathy watches a new Preschool video with Aidan & Alan. Rectangles are captivating!

Alan is devilishly cute, even when he refuses to smile for my camera.

I feel I should also mention that there were some other birthdays that didn't get celebrated today. My dad and stepmom will also celebrate birthdays later this month. March 4th was also my due date for the first baby I lost back in 2007. Sigh.


  1. Dude. I want you to make MY birthday cake sometime. Or teach me how to be as awesome at cake-making as you. Or potentially both.