18 December 2009

Taylor Pugh: a double standard

How pathetic are we that the length of one little boy's hair could cause such issue? I'm sorry, but I just can't help commenting on this article. The child is four. He's a boy. His hair is longer than what would be considered "normal" for a boy. Get over it! On a girl, we would call this style short. Why is it we care when a boy grows his hair long, when we so much more readily accept a short hairstyle on a girl? Not that I'm complaining, mind, since I spent the better part of a decade with short hair. Still, the double-standard irks me. Just because I generally prefer to see boys with short hair doesn't mean I would ever consider forcing my preference on someone else.

And as for my son, well, he'll have to take up his hairstyles with Grandma (a la Hair Addition - River Falls, WI). I'm sure I'll have far more worthier battles to fight than the style of his hair.

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