27 September 2012

RIP Al Rehus

Al, you were so much more than simply a security guard. 

You lent me your ear, your time, and once even your money. You were the first to greet me as I entered school (much earlier than most students), and the last to bid me good day as I left on the late bus. Once, you even helped me change a flat tire.

You were, quite simply, the kindest, gentlest human being I've ever had the honor to know. My life was better for having you in it. Thank you.

Be at peace, my friend. 

[Grabbed the photo from MKA's website]


  1. Thank you for this blog about my dad...
    MKA was family to my dad. He cared so much for every single person there. He spoke so highly of the faculty, the staff and especially the students.
    RIP Dad...
    -Jaime Ann Rehus

  2. I'm honored that you found it. Your dad was wonderful. I wish you and your family much healing.