11 September 2012

Remembering 9/11 in Photos

Christmas 2000, Pt. Liberte, Jersey City, NJ

(late) August 2001 - View from my balcony, taken the day I moved into U-Hall, one of the two NYU dorms at Union Square

I have no photos of the WTC in days and weeks following 9/11 (dorm room antics aside). I felt that, as someone who didn't loose anyone personally, it was not my place to stand beside the true mourners and gawk at their misery. My place was up at Union Square, or Washington Square Park, continuing on with my studies at NYU. 

I did take photos of all the outpouring love and support in and around Union Square. Most of the following photos were taken on 9/22/01. 

Lady Liberty - a very interesting woman. 

Tibetan Monks Praying for us - ALL of us. 

A stark contrast from the views from the south side of 14th Street, where military barricades, soldiers (with big guns!), and police dogs stood guard. I had to show my NYU ID in order to pass. As with the WTC, I felt it was disrespectful taking their photos while they were just trying to do their job. Nevertheless, passing south of 14th St was like entering another world...New York City under martial law (or so it seemed). Further down past Canal St was completely off limits to everyone. 

 Christmas 2001 - what a difference one year can make


The next set of photos were taken on the one year anniversary:

Union Square
Eleven years later and yes, I still believe Murder is Murder. I only wish I knew who this guy was. He received such icy stares from most people, but he bravely wore that sign all day long. 

Down Broadway

 Chamber's Street

Someone from Hawaii sent boxes of Hawaiian leis, and people were passing them out on the streets of lower Manhattan. Stopping at Starbucks for a rest, I spent quite a while thinking about the past year, and about my future. September 11, 2002 was my last day living on the east coast. The following day I flew to Minnesota to start Carleton College, and have lived in the midwest ever since. 

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