13 April 2012

2012 Spring Armageddon

Rough time, this week. It's almost comical, really. I'd laugh at myself if I wasn't so sleep deprived. SO...

Everything that could possibly go wrong for my husband at work has. None of it is his fault, but it's still stressful. Apparently, many of his coworkers are also having a pretty terrible week: two took funeral leave to bury elderly parents. Chad can hardly be angry with them for prolonging his Week of Hell, but he's dying for a night off.

As if that wasn't enough, most of the electronics in our house are malfunctioning in some fashion. I missed my last two nights of work because RingCentral/my computer/my router/my ISP/etc/etc/etc was acting up. It's a testament to how frustrated and distracted I was that, while on hold with tech support yesterday, I barely registered stubbing my toe (on what, I've no idea)...until I happen to glance down (hanging my head in defeat that no one could fix my issue) and realized: 1. a chuck of skin was missing from my now bloody toe, 2. smears of blood dotted the floor where I'd been pacing, and 3. Aurora was eating the piece of skin. A quick glance at the time, and I realized that the tech was supposed to be at the house any minute. Wild scramble ensued to bandage my toe and clean up the mess before the guy got here...all while still on the phone with tech support (and later my brother-in-law). For good measure, Aurora vomited up the flap of my skin she'd earlier ingested. Perfect!

I'm sure I was a right sight yesterday. Nothing the tech guy tried helped ,but HIS tech guy on the phone was extremely helpful. Anyway, I took the night off, after some extra-long cuddles with Aidan, and read my Nook. And read. And read. And read.

Ah, insomnia. We meet again. Too many things on my mind, besides which, the month of May is fast approaching, and the only good thing that has ever come out of that month was the birth of my little brother. He's a pretty cool kid, but his birth is surrounded by memories of terrible events, which muddy what should have been a joyous occasion. Frankly, I wish I could just skip the whole month...but I know I can't.

I finally fell asleep around 4 this morning. By some grace of God, Aidan didn't wake me this morning, but instead played by himself until Chad got home. Now I'm awaiting a visit from my ISP to hopefully sort out some issues I'm suddenly having with their product (after ruling out everything else). I have little hope that they'll do anything, but at least they're willing to come out in try. Why I'm having this issue now, when for months all has been well, I've no idea.

In any event, Chad and I dubbed this week the 2012 Spring Armageddon. Or 2012 Spring-Pretending-to-be-Autumn Armageddon. May the weekend be better for everyone!

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