06 November 2011

Taking care of Mom

Sweet boy,
I wasn't feeling very well today. For the last week, I've been up late either working or organizing, cleaning, and decluttering the house, and the lack of sleep is wearing on me. And, the migraine isn't helping.

This morning when you woke up early, (the whole "fall behind" = more sleep memo being totally lost on your 3yr old self), instead of demanding breakfast, you snuck into my bed, gave me a big hug and kiss, and cuddled with me for over an hour. Every once in a while you'd give me another kiss and whisper, "I love you Mom.". After I told you my head hurt, you tried so hard to remember not to yell or make too much noise. You were gentle with me all day, never whined or asked for treats, and we spent the day playing puzzles, blocks, and watching movies. You even took turns choosing the movie. Without me even having to ask, you brought me my slippers when you saw that I was cold, and brought me a drink of water when you thought I was thirsty. You helped me pick up the toys, helped me make soup, put away your clothes, and were generally sweet and pleasant all day. You never once complained or whined.

So thank you, my dear sweetest boy, for such a wonderful day. You took excellent care of me and I am so very proud of you.