24 January 2011

We Give a Chuck

It's no secret that my favorite show is NBC's Chuck. I even dressed my son as Chuck (or Greta, depending on who you ask) for Halloween last year. So it should come as no surprise,then, that I'm promoting the show, nor that I'm hoping for (at least) one more season. With that, have a look at the following site by clicking the banner, or by going here: http://www.wegiveachuck.com/.

I failed miserably to kick my spoiler habit, so I might as well also give credit to my favorite (and most accurate - thanks) source: Chuckgasmic

While you're at it, why not tune in tonight at 8e/7c on NBC for a new episode? I promise it will be awesome! Missed an episode? Head over to nbc.com and watch the last few. You won't regret it!

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