01 August 2010


We are coping with our decision, but it hasn't been particularly easy. Chad's family seems to be pretending nothing happened, and most of my family is still ignoring me completely. I'm sure Chad's family just has no idea what to say, but I wish they'd say something to acknowledge our loss. I did, finally, have a short chat with my MIL, but I feel it was not long enough and not enough was said. As for my family, well, they've always been an odd sort. My sweet cousins in Brasil have said far more to comfort me than anyone else. My dad is just happy I'm not putting my life in danger anymore. He and my stepmother were the only two people who never questioned my judgment, and for that I am thankful. It's difficult enough to make such a decision (at least it was for us) without having to defend it to others, especially those who really have no idea what it's like to make such a decision. The one person who I hoped would understand the most has been completely absent, and that really hurts. My grandparents haven't said anything, but honestly I don't think they know, so it's not their fault.

We didn't really have any good choices in this situation, but I still maintain we made the right choice.

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