13 August 2010

Kitty Updates

My Four Fur Daughters

I realize that I've been a bit remiss with giving my four fur daughters their due exposure on this blog, so that's going to change today. The cats have all been doing well, despite all the changes in the last 2 years.

Athena is a total sweetheart of a cat, even moreso now than she was as a kitten. She cuddles in bed with us every night (sometimes under the covers), and follows us around the house all day long. She's always the first to come running whenever Aidan is crying, but she's also not nearly as patient with him when he tries to play with her. I think she's beginning to realize that Aidan is growing up, and is therefore expecting him to treat her more gently. Athena is very in tune with my moods and has done wonders to cheer me up these last few months. She gazes straight into your eyes so lovingly, that I just feel like she knows. This cat is my soulmate and I wish she could live forever!

Gaia still helps me with the washing every evening, and is also very sweet. As soon as Aidan goes to bed she's in our face demanding attention and love, and will meow loudly if we ignore her. Gaia is also continuing to perfect her food-stealing skills. Most recently, she pulled out rabbit scraps from the garbage (cooked, fortunately). Gaia still rides on my shoulder and runs from Aidan; however, since I've been having Aidan feed her she's warming a bit. She still doesn't trust his sudden movements, and honestly I don't blame her. Gaia loves going outside in the pen.

Aurora is still Mama's girl, and is probably still hoping to wake up one morning to find Aidan has mysteriously disappeared. The only time she ever lets Aidan near her is when he's holding her food dish at mealtime. Still, she's yet to scratch or bite him and does come around more often. Aurora was very happy when the cat door broke, allowing her easier access to outside. She still cuddles in bed every night and wakes us up (early) ever morning by pawing at the door.

Jazzy is still fat, and still thinks she's starving. I wish I could get her weight under control so I didn't have to constantly chase her away from everyone else's food bowl; she's becoming increasingly skittish as a result, and it makes me sad. Jazzy is such a sweet, loving kitty, and I just want her to be healthy! Jazzy helps Aurora get us up early every morning, and still brings me toys throughout the day for fetch. She's less nervous around Aidan these days, and I've sometimes found her napping in the rocking chair next to Aidan's bed. I really hope, as Aidan matures and learns to be more gentle, that they develop a bond.

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