10 June 2010


To my two lost souls, A Prayer for Baby:

Never to have known you, but to have loved you.
Never to have held you, the way mothers do.

With you I bury my hopes and dreams
For an unknown child I'd never seen.

But I also bury the love in my heart
And the sadness of knowing that we must part.

And I pray to god to do for you
All the things that I would like to do.

And to keep my baby safe from harm
To laugh and frolic in springtime's arms.

To Aidan, my sweet boy, you are everything I could ever ask for and more in a son. Thank you for all your hugs, kisses, and cuddles these last few days. Thank you also for finally learning how to say "I love you" and for saying it often.

To Chad
, my husband, thank you for your support and your patients during these last few weeks.

And because life goes on, and my beautiful boy Aidan is such a joy, I will end this post by linking an excellent video of him riding his new (and beloved) Strider Bike.

Click Here for the Video!

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