30 September 2009

To Do List

1. Get back on my prenatal vitamins and daily aspirin. No, I am not pregnant, nor are we even considering another right now, but I truly feel that I was feeling better while taking them.

2. Continue evening exercise routine - I'm down to 135 and feel like I could loose 5 more.

3. Be a better wife and mother (always).

4. Be kinder to family members, especially when they frustrate me.

5. Work on being more patient (any tips? because, I'm a bit overwhelmed on this one...)

6. Make the garage more toddler-safe to give Aidan (and Alan, when he's here) another place to burn off energy when the weather is too crappy to go outside.

7. Finish paying off the HELOC and then save at least $10,000 ($20,000 would be better) so we can buy a new house/build our dream house.

8. Be gracious.

Ok, working on it...

Oh, and in other news, my 15 month old poked two top teeth, and the other two top ones appear close. :)

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