02 September 2009

Flu update

Apparently none of the hospitals in the area are testing for h1n1 any longer: they assume if you have flu-like symptoms, then you have swine flu.


Aidan seems fine now, and I'm starting to feel better as well. Chad, unfortunately, is taking a bit longer to get well. Hopefully being sick now means we'll be spared the mad rush of flu this winter.

I can dream, can't I?

We'll be back in NJ in a week and I'm excited! I swear I'm not going to stress about the flight. No, not me! I just keep telling myself: it's 3 hours...no matter how bad it is, it WILL end.


  1. Yes! It will end ;) I think 3 hours is the perfect length, anyhow. Time to get in the air, get distracted by the beverage/snack cart, then the duty-free cart, then you're landing. Don't forget a pacifier/bottle for take-off/landing and make a little pocket list of all the things that distract Aidan (like, for Theo, it would be singing "Old McDonald" or "Jingle Bells", counting his fingers and toes, cheerios, his favourite book and playing peekaboo). When you run out of patience, just take the list out and check if there's anything you've missed! And if worst comes to worst, just give him to an air hostess for however long they'll have him ;) Good luck!

  2. There are no duty-free carts on domestic flights in the US :P. Aidan gave up his dummy at 9 months and only takes a bottle before bed, but we'll definitely try the sippy cup!

    Aidan is also very much a toddler on the go, so he dislikes sitting still for more than a minute or so at a time, so I can only hope that the seat belt sign stays off for most of the flight ;-). I'm going to bring his car seat and hope that there might be an extra seat.

    He's also very much a Mama's boy so I doubt very much that he'll go with anyone else. He screams when Chad takes him away from me! I've actually never seen a hostess entertain a child like that before...