26 January 2009

Le mo ghrása mise agus liomsa mo ghrá

I was never one of those teenagers that believed in fairy-tale weddings and love at first site; in fact for a long time, I never believed I'd even get married. Then, I met Chad. In a cave. In southern Minnesota. It was January 2003, and to this day some members of his family still refer to me as The Cave Woman.

The first thing I told my roommate when I got home was that I'd met my husband - he just needed a little convincing. Chad and I have very different versions of what happened that day, but suffice it to say we were pretty impressed with each other. We began officially dating within 2 months, and on July 9, 2005 we got married. Of course I'm leaving out the part where we bought our first house (that was in March 2005) and survived getting beat up by a tornado (less than a month before our wedding), but ya know, details...
Whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger, right?

I noticed many people finding this post from its title: Le mo ghrása mise agus liomsa mo ghrá. For those of you wondering, it loosely translates to "I am my beloved's and my beloved is mine." from Song of Solomon 6:3 in Irish.

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