22 July 2013

Popular Science, and 600 Pieces

We played at the lake with cousins. He must have played hard because even his beloved Popular Science magazine couldn't keep him awake on the drive home.

Another really cool thing about yesterday was the 45 minute conversation we had about evolution, extinction, and the Earth. He is also fascinated with "outer space" and dinosaurs and about how we become who we are. I adore these conversations and hope to have many more of them. My son is generally pretty scatterbrained, so I am always shocked when he actually remembers what I tell him - that's how I know he's really interested in something. 

Neither of us felt like doing much of anything outside. Miraculously, I found the instructions to this off-brand Lego contraption, so we were finally able to put it together - all 600 pieces. This was a whole lot of fun to build with Aidan, but I seriously question the 5+ rating on the box. Sure, he's not going to choke on the pieces, but I am doubtful that there are many five year olds capable of putting this thing together on their own.

We're busy with lots of big changes, but it's been a while since I've posted an update, so this is the best I have. I'm definitely loving this new stage of Lego building, having spent a large portion of my own childhood building "theme parks" out of them (before they came with directions). 


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