12 May 2013

My Little Circus Performer

Aidan did a GREAT job at his very first set of performances at Circus Juventas, debuting as a little sailor in the Toddler program. Though he's been doing this for over 2 years, this was his first show. He totally hammed it up for the audience, and definitely had a blast. He's excited to move onto the Kinder program this summer. Below, here is a video from his very first performance. Please excuse my terrible video skills - I clearly need to improve. 

And his final performance, lovingly filmed by Uncle Booke while I ran the spotlights. 

While Aidan performed in the Purple Show, I ran spots for the Yellow Show and rigged the Blue Show, so I didn't really have the opportunity to take much video of the other acts, let alone watch the show. I did have tickets for the last Purple performance today, but since they needed another person on spots (and I do so love torturing kids with the over-sized flashlights), I agreed. I did manage to get a couple of videos when I wasn't spotting, moving around mats, or running the spot lights. Enjoy!

Bungee Trapeze

Cloud Swing, Mexican Cloud Swing, and Swinging Trapeze

Great job to all the performers and volunteers for the May Shows - see you this summer for Oz!

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