03 April 2013

A Day in the City

There are no photos of the beginning part of the trip because, at 3:30am, we were a bit cranky. Our flight left at 6:10am, and got into LGA around 10am.

Bus ride out of LGA into Manhattan

Beware the creepy guys dressed as cartoon characters in Times Square, who hug your kids, bully you into taking a photo, and then demand tips. We'd much rather pose in front of NY's finest. 

Brunch at Nuchas - tasty!

Studying my favorite - Archaeopteryx!

Excited to ride "the under ground trains"

Aidan decided that subways are an excellent way to travel.


Kobe beef at Yakiniku West - awesome!

Finger licking good sushi!

This was our second plate of sushi; the first was devoured long before it occurred to me to photograph its awesomeness. 

Just a short walk to my favorite pastry shop from back when I lived at Union Square...Venieros! My roommates and I found it by accident long before we realized it was famous. 

After selecting a box of tasty treats to bring home, we treated ourselves to some gelato. 

Cab ride to the ferry because, after being awake since 3:30am, we felt we earned being a little lazy. 

Thumb wars on the ferry into Jersey City - these boats are WAY nicer than I remember them. Heated cabin? Comfy couches? Carpet?! Wow!

The Freedom Tower gets bigger every year!

If I ever win the lottery, I'm going to just rent the penthouse at the Hilton for three months out of the year - just so I can stare at this view every night. 


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