29 March 2013

Happy 10th Birthday, Athena!

This cat is truly my soulmate: no other living creature understands my moods and knows exactly what I need. I brought her home directly after burying my mother - a tiny, confused, 7 week old kitten with a huge set of lungs and a knack for getting into all the right sort of trouble. My companion on that long drive home, I should mention, was technically allergic to cats, but never complained and was extremely forgiving (shameless plug: need an IRS EA? He's your guy). 

I'd never raised a kitten before, and Chad (then my boyfriend) had never had a cat at all. He neglected to tell his parents (where we'd be living) about her existence until about 15 minutes prior to our arrival - they, too, were tolerant (thanks!). I took her everywhere with me until she grew large enough that people complained. Even now, she travels well with us and always wants to be nearby. She sleeps under the covers at night, and is our constant shadow during the day. When we leave, she is sad and doesn't eat much :(. I dread the day her time comes, because I simply cannot imagine my life without her. So, happy 10th birthday, Athena-teena-beena. As Chad says, "You are the bestest kitty ever!"

 7 weeks old when I brought you home. 

 The epitome of cuteness. 

 You are elegant, and a wonderful example of your breed. 

 You have strange eating habits. 

 And, occasionally, an identity crisis.

 But you are oh, so snuggly. 

 And tolerant. 

 Or, maybe just lazy?

 You are an excellent coworker. 

 And you love to snuggle under the covers. 

 No water cup is safe. 

 We love you!

Very much. 

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