08 November 2012

The Embodiment of Dug

Every time I see this scene, I think of my son.

He's still so innocent in many ways, so trusting and honest, so full of energy and life. I hope he never looses that spirit, that love for people. Though, he could stand to work on the attention span a little bit :-).

I want to remember him this way, as the pure soul who came and knocked on doors with me in St. Paul with MN United for All Families for 4 hours in the cold. Aidan didn't understand what we were doing, and I don't know that he'll remember it. But one day, perhaps not so very long from now, I'm going to be able to tell him what we did and why it was so important. Best of all, MN citizens succeeded in defeating that hurtful amendment. 

Politics are exhausting, but worth it for the greater good. 

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