29 June 2012

Darn Lazy Cats

The next planned blog post was supposed to be about my trip out east, driving a total of 3389 miles with a not quite 4yr old (half of it without dear husband). Instead, I feel it necessary to vent...

How is it that, in a house with FOUR cats, a mouse somehow invaded my territory, set up house in my lower cupboard (which contains pots and pans, not food), and lived there for long enough to nibble all the silicone pans to bits, and crap and piss on everything else? There are no holes, nor any other locations with droppings (that I've found thus far....) which begs the question:

How did it get in?
Where is it now?
And how did it get past FOUR cats?!

Whomever claimed that bengal and savannah cats are dangerous wild beasts have obviously never met mine.

On the other hand...maybe they did find it, kill it, and drag it off someplace? I wonder how long it takes a rotting mouse to stink?

Oh joy!

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