01 June 2011

Morning at Lake Harriet

Chad, Aidan, and I spent the morning in Minneapolis today. First stop was 46 Patisserie where we had some delicious food. We spent the rest of the morning walking/biking around Lake Harriet, and playing on the beach and in the water. For my part, I did *not* partake in the icy cold water, nor did Chad venture passed his ankles. Aidan, seemingly impervious to the cold, splashed around up to his armpits.

I near died and went to heaven with these.

I paid dearly for eating this one, but it was sooo worth it!

Ice cold water

Preparing a "Drippy-Wet" sand castle

Aidan spies a pretty girl!

Chad's first "drippy wet" sand castle.

Beautiful Lake Harriet

Chad's second "Drippy Wet" sand castle, right before Aidan destroys it :-).


Chad the tree-hugger.

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