04 February 2011

What's for Lunch?

Sliced onion & garlic - large pieces because Aidan likes them that way
Fresh carrots, pealed and chopped
Green Beans (frozen, French-cut)
Spinach (frozen, chopped)
Cooked gemelli pasta

Normally I use Barilla Plus pasta, but Gemelli is still my all-time favorite shape (as seen in the above photos). I cook the veggies over low heat in whatever stock is handy, then mix in the cooked pasta. My favorite seasoning is actually a pork seasoning my sister-in-law's parents get in their hometown of Decatur, IL. I'm seriously obsessed with it, and will put it on almost everything. While I love fresh veggies, obtaining them in Wisconsin during the dead of winter isn't without its challenges (and just where are they coming from?) so most of the time ours come frozen. I definitely appreciate my fresh, garden veggies much more come summer!

Time to eat!

I will make a variation of this meal (with whatever ingredients are handy) almost every day for lunch when Aidan and I are home. He LOVES it, and it's healthy for us! For a treat I will sometimes grate cheese on top. I have no idea how much of each ingredient I use, because I rarely measure anything unless I'm baking or cooking rice.

Aidan-sized portion, which I regularly refill 2-3 times. Must be a boy thing.

It's also worth noting that this particular version was put together almost entirely by Aidan. He chose the ingredients out of the freezer and fridge and helped me cook the veggies and measure the pasta.

Am I the only mom who removes her toddler's shirt before a meal to cut down on laundry?

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