22 December 2010

Gotta love Walmart

My MIL and I took Aidan shopping today for some last minute holiday items today. She was driving Aidan around in one of those giant carts, while I stood nearby, when an older gentleman asked whether Aidan was my baby brother or my son. When I told him Aidan is my son, he told me I didn't look old enough to be a mother.

He then guessed my age.

At 17.

Never mind the ring on my finger, or the two tiny white hairs I refuse to pull but take great pains to hide under my (increasingly frizzy) mop of brown hair. Never mind that I'm 27.5 years young.

Bless him, this dude truly thought I was still a teenager!

I can definitely handle walking through life perpetually looking 10 years younger.


  1. Wow - your hair is getting pretty long! It's so pretty. It doesn't look frizzy at all - I love the wavy look... if only I could get mine to do the same without spending hours curling it!

  2. I guess the grass is always greener! That's what my hair does if I don't brush it after showering. If I brush it, the curls mostly go away. Very odd!

    Thanks so much for being so sweet!

    And Jaclyn...LOL!