09 October 2010

Autumn Family Portraits & Wacky Weather

Last week we had our first frost; the bank thermometer said 33 degrees on my way to work at 9am. But today, Mother Nature decided it wasn't quite ready for winter, and graced us with an 80 degree, sunny day. Surprise! We were baking in these sweaters, but at least I finally got my autumn pictures taken (thanks to the in-laws for lending us a tripod, since ours went MIA).

Weather in October has always been unpredictable. Last year, we had a really warm week in early October, too, only to subsequently acquire our first layer of snow cover less than 2 weeks later (which stuck around until mid-March). Anyone want to bet on the date our first snow fall? Last year it was October 12th!


  1. Such a beautiful young family! Thanks for posting!

  2. Thanks for commenting Tatjana!