24 April 2010

We've been busy! Take a look at what's new!

This is what my garage looks like after several full days of cleaning & organizing. Special shout-out thanks to Luke (who helped with the heavy lifting), Grandpa (who removed 20+ bags of garbage for us), and Grandma (who watched the boys so we could focus on work). Laura got a pass this time around because, by the time Sunday rolled around, we were actually done. I wasn't brave enough to take any "before" photos. I assure you the mess was of epic proportions.

*Extremely* happy to have his own tool bench (made with love by Grandpa) and tools (though he still prefers Da's tools). This made cleaning the garage all the more worth it. "Toolz! Mama open! Open peeeash!"

Inordinately pleased with himself (he climbed up there all on his own)

Off they go on another adventure! ***

Aidan loves his "Nee-nah".

*** Please excuse the multitude of dandelions currently found in our yard. I haven't let Chad put anything on the lawn since Aidan was born, and it does take SO very long to dig up each one by hand....

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